Temporary Exhibits

In addition to the exhibits described below, the Museum will host the following temporary exhibits for the year 2017: "Currency of the Early Americas: from the 1700s-1890"; "Fossils of the Conejo Valley: Forty million years of fossils under our feet"; "Early Toy Trains from the late 1800's- early 1900's "; "Quilts of the West: early Quilts from our Collection", among others.


Mammoth Bones

Did you know that a Mammoth was found near the construction site of the 101 Freeway near Ventu Park Road? We have those exciting bones, that demonstrate even the teeth of the Mammoth Elephant were mammoth!! Come see the incredible evidence of the deep past in our Anderson Hall Mammoth exhibit. Later this year, we will be hosting the companion exhibit "Fossils of the Conejo Valley" which reveals the exciting evidence of snakes, snails and other creatures from our region's past.



Jungleland started as a small six lion farm.

Eventually occupying 170 acres, Thousand Oaks residents would come to enjoy the distant evening roars of lions waiting for their dinner. 

The Stagecoach Inn Museum pays tribute to Jungleland with donated and loaned artifacts.


Women of Conejo

An homage to the brave and adventurous women of the Early Conejo area, this exhibit offers early photographs and evidence of early lifeways of the Women of the West.

Coming soon: our example of how hard the women worked even on the laundry: our "Keeping those duds clean" exhibit, showing the laborious washing process, the hanging of the clothes or wringing, and the ironing- an all day process!