The Tri-Village includes dwellings that represent the three historic eras in the Conejo Valley. They include the Newbury Pioneer House, the Spanish Adobe and a Chumash Village

You can also find our 300 year old Sycamore Tree and Nature Trail within the Tri-Village Exhibit Area.


Newbury Pioneer House

The first exhibit you come to is the quaint Newbury Pioneer House designed from drawings of the Newbury Home of the late 1800's.


Spanish Adobe

Next you come upon the Spanish Adobe. It represents an adobe that could have been built 200 years ago.


Chumash Village

Continuing down the path you come upon the Chumash Village. The Chumash home, known as an Ap, was constructed exactly the way the Chumash would have done centuries ago. The village exhibit also has a fire ring which is very sacred to the Chumash.