Temporary Exhibits

More exhibits coming this year!  "Currency of the Early Americas: from the 1700s-1890"; "Fossils of the Conejo Valley: Forty million years of fossils under our feet"; "Early Toy Trains from the late 1800s- early 1900s "; "Quilts of the West: Early Quilts From our Collection".



There was a time when residents of the Conejo Valley weren't surprised to see an elephant walking down the street, lions sunning themselves in a parking lot, or a hippo accompanying his two-legged buddy into a bar. Back in the day, Thousand Oaks was home to not only the Jungleland wild animal park (sited where the Civic Arts Plaza now stands) and its performers, trainers and staff, but also to circuses that over-wintered in the area, animal trainers who supplied beasts of all stripes to the television and movie industry, as well as the attendant veterinarians and other folks employed to care for the animals. 

Let us introduce you to some "wild" personalities from those days, both animal and human!

1910 Wedding of Caspar Borchard Jr. and Ida Ayala

1910 Wedding of Caspar Borchard Jr. and Ida Ayala

"Just Married": An exhibit of Vintage Wedding Dresses

"Walk down the aisle" at the Museum with an antique wedding costume in each room. Every gown tells a love story. Explore our heritage from a unique perspective!

Through September


Mammoth Bones

On tap for later this year is the exhibit "Fossils of the Conejo Valley" which will reveal the exciting evidence of snakes, snails and other creatures from our region's past. Did you know that a Mammoth was found near the construction site of the 101 Freeway near Ventu Park Road?  We have those bones--they demonstrate that even the teeth of the Mammoth Elephant were, well... mammoth!!