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Around the World - Objects from Foreign Travels ...... Antiques and Collectibles Study Group


Brenda Harvie and Penny Strowger will present collectibles from travel in Asia and the Pacific.

The word of emphasis is “few”, so bring some of your own collectibles, preferably from Asia or countries on the Pacific Rim, for show and tell. Keep in mind that this is an Antiques and Collectibles STUDY Group and do some research on your items in order to present them at the meeting. If possible let Penny know what you’re bringing so she can plan a logical flow of topics.

Of course, refreshments will be served. Your contributions to the goodies table are always welcome.

Penny, or home 805-495-3297 (cell for texts: 805-444-3160) or Roz, or home 818-889-6904 (cell: 818-667-3899).