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"Tips and Tales for Tours" - Volunteer/Docent Meeting


Be ready to share stories about how to enhance the tour experience for museum guests.

“As practitioners of living history, we are teachers of casual learners, so we need to go in with a flexible list of objectives and an arsenal of means to achieve those objectives - lesson plans, if you will. What will capture their interest and imagination, and what will leave them with more of a take-away than ”most people worked hard in the past” or some specific or really irrelevant factoid about a particular process? …We need to have real dialogue with our guests,…a give-and-take, …carefully observing the visual clues they present to us, not presenting historical facts to nameless masses of people hoping some facts will be recalled at some future date. … For our sites and history itself to remain relevant, we need to more explicitly help visitors make connections between the past and their own world.” -Tom Kelleher, Old Sturbridge Village