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Antique Writing Implements- The Antiques and Collectibles Study Group Meeting


Pens and pencils, just two of the large category of antique desk accessories, will be the focus of the next meeting of the Antiques and Collectibles Study Group. Our speaker Rita Faulders welcomes all who attend to bring and share personal examples of these essential tools used in the “olden days.”

We are excited that Rita is gracing us with one of her well-researched programs again.

LOCATION CHANGE: We will meet in Anderson Hall at the museum!

The group will continue to meet on the third Thursday morning of each month. Be sure to put these dates on your calendar, as we’re working on filling them with speakers and other antiques and collectibles activities. Let Penny or Roz know of any program speakers you would especially like to see in 2019.

Remember: RSVP and find those old pens and pencils!

Penny, pen1@verizon.netor home 805-495-3297, cell 805-444-3160. Roz, or home 818-889-6904, cell: 818-667-3899. Lindalisa, or 818-414-8046.