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Green Jadeite and Blue Delphite - Antiques and Collectibles Study Group

Jane Robin will discuss her collection of green Jadeite and blue Delphite and her colorful glass knives.  Jadeite and Delphite were manufactured by the Jeanette Glass Company between 1932 and 1936 in Jeanette, Pennsylvania.  Jane will explain how to distinguish it from later versions (1950s), made by other companies, and from modern imitators.  Glass knives were patented as early as 1920 and manufactured until about 1940.  They were marketed as the perfect implement to cut fruits and cakes.  Never mind that they chipped like crazy!

For show and tell, be sure to bring any items that you have or can borrow in these categories.

This will be held in Anderson Hall at the museum.  Refreshments will be served.