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Antiques and Collectibles Study Group

For CVHS members only--we're invited to a home in the Wildwood area to see a collection of antique spooners.  What's a spooner, you say? 

"A popular collectible today, the spooner or spoonholder, provided as much symbolic value as function for Victorian society. The prominently displayed spoons were a clear sign of ready hospitality, as well as a status symbol for the increased affluence among the expanding middle class who could now afford silver spoons, or at least a good facsimile. "

This will be a “bring and brag” event. You’re welcome to share any item you wish to transport, whether it illustrates one of our lecture topics or not. Be ready to talk about it, giving us some background to place it in historical context. “Mystery antiques” can still be shared, though.

RSVP to Penny Strowager or Roz Gold for address and directions.