Become a Conejo Explorer with the Conejo kids! Here are some fun facts about living in Conejo Valley:

MAMMOTH BONES FOUND- On the corner of Hillcrest Drive and Ventu Park Road an Imperial Mammoth jaw bone was found- maybe the largest ever found! This was in 1971, and the Mammoths lived in Conejo Valley about 150,000 years ago. They were "14 feet tall and weighed about 40,000 pounds!!" WOW-

At the Stagecoach Inn Museum, they have the bones of this Mammoth which was recovered during the building of roads in the area. The new exhibit will be open at the Grand Opening of the Anderson Hall this summer!

You can look up more information on Imperial Mammoths at your local library, at our library at Stagecoach Inn Museum, or on the Internet. We even have some of the Conejo kids books for sale! We live in a place that has lots of exciting things to see!

Information for Conejo kids on this subject from Miriam Sprankling's book: "Discovering the Story of the Conejo Valley", published by CVHS 2002.

Springtime decorations and tours at Stagecoach Inn....

Sat, Mar 18, 20171:00pm  Sun, Mar 19, 20174:00pm

Mark your calendars for this wonderful celebration of the arrival of Spring on March 20th...we will be all spruced up for the occasion and have our tours and wonderful Nature trails ready for you...just come as you are! 

Our Rose Pruning Society does a magnificent job with our Rose garden1

Our Rose Pruning Society does a magnificent job with our Rose garden1