"One City, One Book" collaboration with T.O. Library-see the 1870's here!

"News of the World", the City of Thousand Oaks chosen book for "One City, One Book" is most evocative of the 1870's in the Western United States. Written by Paulette Jiles, this amazing novel recounts the stories of the rough, and unpredictable life of the West in the late 1800's, complete with the adventures of an older veteran who earns a living reading the "news of the world" to those who have not learned to read...his audience raptly listening to the stories of places far away, and new laws enacted in the Washington D. C. of a reunited Nation.

Our exhibits will feature the 1870's both in photographic documentation from the period, as well as in the newspapers from the Period. We also feature an extensive look in to  "women's work" from that period, including a view in to the kitchen and the major work of the day: doing the laundry!!

We have amazing examples of the toys of that age, and we showcase the types of work that the men adopted in that time of the Pioneer Expansion.

Welcome to our  hands on "book related' experiences that lend even more texture to the stories portrayed from that time period. Exhibits beginning September 15, 2017.