Recent Donations to the Museum

Davis and Kidder Patent Magneto-electric machine- for Nervous Diseases, circa 1830s

Among our recent donations to the Museum is a device that is considered an early precursor to modern "TENS" machines for pain and nerve disorders. The patented Davis and Kidder magneto machine worked utilizing the properties of electric current. The two steel bars which were attached to the machine were designed to be held by a person wishing to use the treatment. The electric generation was produced by cranking the small generator in the machine. The result was possibly a bit more jolt than the patient was expecting- but the makers of the machine claimed that it solved various types of "nervous disorders".

The items that we curate from the early 1800s run the gamut from medical curiosities to early musical instruments to funny and strange "new" kitchen devices for the time. Come see our amazing collection of tools and utensils from the era!

Davis and Kidder Magneto Patent Electric machine